Zusammen PLNT'en?

Du kannst unsere 100 % pflanzenbasierten Nachfolger nicht nur zuhause genießen, denn wir beliefern auch die Gastronomiebranche! Möchtest du in deinem Restaurant oder Unternehmen schon immer einen hervorragenden Nachfolger für Fleisch oder Fisch servieren?

PLNT macht‘s möglich! Sollen wir zusammen PLNTen?

Would you like to serve PLNT?

Did you know our 100% plant-based successors aren’t exclusively available for you to enjoy at home, but also for the hospitality industry?

Our range of diverse products comes in all shapes, servings and sizes. With the PLNT label and branding, but also white label (or private label). For instance: our famous Quarter Pounder is on the menu of a high-end burger franchise and our delicious Pulled Beef can be found at several Tex-Mex restaurants in The Netherlands.

The possibilities are endless. With our products, but also with shipping and delivery.

Want to plnt immediately?

For restaurants and food service, you can find PLNT easily (in big packaging) at your favourite wholesaler (or online).

Let's PLNT together!

PLNT in your assortment or on the menu? Curious about all the possibilities? Fill in the contact form below and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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